Research Interest

Transportation network modeling

Distributed traffic control

Mean-field games/control

Journal Publications

Zenghui Miao, Xiaodong Ji*, Minghui Wu, Xiang Gao. Deep Learning-based Evaluation for Mechanical Property Degradation of Seismic-damaged RC Columns (2022). Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. (link)

Minghui Wu, Jiarui Lin*, Xinhao Zhang. How human-robot collaboration impacts construction productivity: an agent-based multi-fidelity modeling approach (2022). Advanced Engineering Informatics. (link)

Conference Publications

Minghui Wu*, Yafeng Yin, Jerome P. Lynch. Modeling Multiday Route Choices of Strategic Commuters: A Mean Field Game Approach. accepted by 2023 62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. (link)

Minghui Wu, Jiarui Lin*. An agent-based approach for modeling human-robot collaboration in Bricklaying (2020). 2020 Proceedings of the 37th ISARC. (link)

Submitted/Working Papers

Minghui Wu, Ben Wang, Yafeng Yin*, Jerome P. Lynch. Participatory Traffic Control: Leveraging Connected and Automated Vehicles to Enhance Network Efficiency (major revision at TR-C, SSRN)

Minghui Wu, Yafeng Yin*, Jerome P. Lynch. Multiday Traffic Dynamics with Strategic Commuters (major revision at TS, arxiv)